A Play-2-Earn protocol designed to reward with the highest yield,
using Axie Infinity and Olympus DAO protocols as inspiration.

Create your Meta Island, and enjoy up
to 2295% APY for life.

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High returns using
the power of the Metaverse

Don’t miss the opportunity to make great returns with this new industry that could very well be worth $86 billion by 2025.

A new innovative protocol

Meta Island uses a protocol inspired by Axie Infinity and Olympus DAO to perform long-term sustainability for players.

Lifetime passive income

Your island will reward you with non-stop passive income for life as soon as you create it.

How does it work?

Three easy steps to passive income for life

Step 1 :
Buy at least 5 IGO tokens

Step 2 :
Buy your Island in exchange of your tokens

tower logo The Tower
100 IGO 2295% APY 6.29 IGO/DAY
hotel logo The Hotel
70 IGO 2210% APY 4.23 IGO/DAY
villa logo The Villa
50 IGO 2125% APY 2.90 IGO/DAY
house logo The House
20 IGO 2040% APY 1.11 IGO/DAY
house logo The Chest
5 IGO 1955% APY 0.27 IGO/DAY

Step 3 :
Earn high yield from your Island… for a lifetime.

Our Roadmap

We’re working hard for you all to live that island life ASAP
Q4 2021
dot logoMeta Islands official launch. 🚀
dot logoStart of the $100k budget marketing campaign.
dot logoIncrease your daily yield by upgrading your Islands with new features!
Q1 2022
dot logoYour Island will become a tradable NFT that generates High Yield.
dot logoYou will be able to personalize your island.
dot logoListing on major CEX’s.
dot logoWe’ll enlist influencers by encouraging them to build and brand their own Islands.
Q2 2022
dot logoTransport your Island into the Metaverse.
dot logoShare with the world, encourage visitors, earn more yield!
dot logoAdd new passive income streams around your Island such as renting, taxes...
dot logoBegin development of Meta Islands 3D (an interactive game which interacts with Meta Islands in real-time).

Coming soon

Upgrade your Island with new features to earn even more daily yield!
coming logo
Islands Metaverse is coming...

Frequently Asked Question

If your question is not answered here, join us on Discord

You can buy IGO on PancakeSwap by clicking here

The contract is : 0x247F7Ad24A2A21BA3Ae475Fb0114528C916ea3e4

The only thing that you have to do is to buy tokens, then launch the app to buy your first Island by clicking here.

Each kind of Island generates different levels of rewards due to the size and how it can be upgraded in the future. Currently, there are five kinds of Islands :

  • - The Tower Island
  • - The Hotel Island
  • - The Villa Island
  • - The House Island
  • - The Chest Island

This means that you will be able to take advantage of a large variety of yield-generating protocols, without having to find the best ones yourself and conduct due-diligence, and without having to pay for the fees of each platform.

All the in-game assets are distributed this way : 70% are moved to the reward pool, 10% tokens to the liquidity pool (5% tokens are converted in BNB) and 20% are moved to research & development/growth wallet.

Meta Islands is available on the Binance Smart Chain as it is fast and has low fees, perfect for having as many people involved as possible!

Meta Islands uses a reward protocol based on Axie Infinity and Olympus DAO.

The in-game activity fees are used to fill the reward pool of the game. But, as we’re seeking long-term sustainability, we are using the concept of Game Theory used by Olympus DAO.

The goal is to make the long-term and reinvesting strategy the most efficient way for everybody to earn high yields from Meta Islands.

To promote the purchase of islands and to develop the long-term vision of the project, a 10% fee is applied ONLY when selling IGO. You can claim and buy new islands without any fees.